Re-pitch your e drum in Ableton Live quick n easy – Tutorial + free Max4Live device

I released 2 Max for Live patches, which could make your live really easy. If you have ever tried to connect your e drum or e pads to Ableton Live, you might have felt, that some of your e pads weren’t tuned right to the presets in Ableton Live, or even worse when using the Impulse sampler you weren’t getting any sound – WELL TIMES HAVE CHANGED! – With my ‘Drumtuning’ devices, you will be able to set the midi notes right – you knowledge needed, just train the device once for your e drum, pad or whatever midi device, save it and recall it and have fun playing and exploring Lives presets.


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The devices are for free, you can make me happy with a donation if you want and if you are able to do so. Please spread the word, I want people to know who can make good use of it!

Links will be found in this tutorial I made using a Drumkat, which will show you how to use the Drumtuner devices.