2 new products from Roland

Roland just announced the RT-MicS and TM-6 Pro.


A new stand-alone trigger with an inbuilt sound module plus, and that is very special: an inbuilt mic. Powered by an adapter or a 9V battery you can mount this on your drum, use one of the pre-loaded samples or load your one one-shot samples on here via USB. It will give you 2 TRS jack outputs, one for the mic-out and one where you can mix in between the sampled sound and the mic sound via a wheel on the RT-MicS itself. This way you get some quite extensive control over what you want to send out to the FOH-mix.

RT-MicS detailled view on Roland Homepage

I wonder how good the mic sound will be, so far there is no review about on the internet or on Youtube and it will take a few weeks before the first units will be shipped. If I get it right, this trigger is not ment for sending out trigger signals to a seperate e drum module but as some modules work (on a very basic, and not very-sensitive way for velocity) ok with inputs from mics – this might be an option for this kind of use as well. You will find the full specs on Rolands site here. Very new indeed for Roland products in this price range is grading up to 24 bit and allowing other file formats then just WAV or AIFF, but the memory on here is ment for one-shot samples only, unlike the SPD ONE WAV PAD.

Check ou the ROLAND SPD-SX with ABLETON LIVE online video course!

SPD SX with Ableton Live



TM-6 Pro

A new e-drum module designed for a hybrid drum set-up with 6 stereo (12 Mono) trigger inputs, 1 HH-control and 1 foot switch input. Inbuilt memory with pre-loaded sounds and storage for user sound plus the possibility to use a SD card – so this means you are able not only to trigger one-shot samples here but backing tracks and play-alongs as well. What I really like about it are the audio outs – besides a stereo headphone and a stereo master out you will get 4 direct mono outs, which will give you a lot of freedom for routing click tracks, backing tracks and trigger sounds to FOH or to monitor outs. If I get it all right (IF!) these are the 8 outs which are mentioned in the specs for AUDIO PLAYBACK via USB, this would mean you could hook up the TM-6 Pro to your computer e.g. running Ableton Live and use itt as an external sound card with 8 (!) seperate mono outs.

I am not sure what the 8 ins for the USB RECORDING are for and have to guess, that they could be used for recording the triggered drum sounds seperately in a DAW, but that is to find out. More info on Rolands Product page and in the following video:

All in one it is very clear now that Roland is more and more looking into the hybrid drumming market, which is not new but getting more obvious with those 2 products. Impementing a USB sound card like they did on the Roland SPD-SX is clearly targeting the growing numbers of drummers using Ableton Live or other DAWs.