Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live and standalone video course

New course will launch on 14th of April and is open now for sign-ups to a reduced pre-launch prize (25 $ US plus EU-VAT if applicable). You can check out the course promo video and you will find the full course curicculum below. You can buy and get more details about the course here!


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Module 1 – Overview and first steps
01 Overview hardware and fitting the sensor to drum
02 Overview software
03 Audio and sensor settings
04 Train drum to software + select and monitor input
05 Some words about training the drum and mesh heads

Module 2 – the Sensory Percussion software
201 . Checking out kit/sound presets
202 – Apply samples and blends
203 – Sampler basics overview
204 – Sampler advanced – blend, velocity curve, multiple samplers, choke and retrigger
205 – Audio effects
206 – Complex sample presets
207 – Controllers panel velocity
208 -Controllers panel speed
209 – Controllers panel timbre
210 – Control multiple samples with velocity
211 – Full kit and LFO controller assignments
212 –  Pin controller to full set
213  – Export sets
214 – Set up external midi hardware control

Module 3 – Midi to Ableton Live
301 – Set up virtual midi connections on a Mac
302 – Set up virtual midi connections on a PC
303 – Midi notes – settings for triggering samples in Ableton Live
304 – Play and apply your own samples to Abletons Drumrack
305 – Record midi notes in Ableton Live
306 – Edit  midi notes in Ableton Live
307 – Trigger sounds Abletons Impulse drum sampler and use velocity for sound modification
308 – How to use and (de)activate the blend function for midi note output
309 – Abletons midi effects – change pitch, note length ans scale
310 -Apply midi effects to only one field of your drum
311 – Use midi CC to control values in in Ableton Live
312 – Using midi notes for the midi remote function
313 – How to use multiple midi buses
314 – Set up multiple midi notes and CCs for triggering and remote  in Sensory Percussion
315 – Sending on multiple midi channels with multiple sensors
316 – Switch Drumracks/sounds with one drum stroke

Module 4 – record Audio (into Ableton Live)
401 –  Record audio – loopback from sound card
402 –  Record audio – virtual and internal routing with Soundflower (Mac)
403 – Reduce latency for virtual routing

Module 5 Drumtuner
501 – How to use the Drumtuner for Abletons Impulse
502 – How to use the Drumtuner for Abletons Drumrack
503 – How to switch between presets with the ‘chain’ concept