1-2-1 Online sessions

I teach Ableton online lessons via ZOOM Meetings. On request (part of) sessions can be recorded and downloaded afterwards.

How to book online ableton lessons.

Approach for teaching Ableton Live online

I help people to find solutions and develop approaches which fit to their needs. Proposing technical solutions is easy! The challenging part for creative people is often to create a ‘formula’ and workflow which supports ‘playing’ and creating. I use online sketch boards and other drawing tools. Visualisation can help clients to narrow down big ideas into practical concepts and tasks.

Online lessons via Zoom for Ableton Live.

Subjects for online Ableton lessons

Typical examples for subjects are:

  • Ableton Live for (live) music performances
  • integrating external MIDI hardware (e.g. SPD-SX)
  • custom controls, set-ups and Max for Live solutions
  • Backing Track Operations
  • “Ableton problem solving”
  • creating a set-up template
  • gear recommandations
  • ‘experimental’ set ups + pushing boundaries of Ableton Live

Obviously my expertise is not limited to those subjects. Please just fill out the form below and I will let you know if I can cover your subjects.

Times and hours

My usual slot for online sessions are Mo-FR 11AM-4PM. I am living in Germany which is in UTC/GMT+1.

Rates and Payment

Rates will depend on hours, times and projects. Of course One-At-A-Time sessions will be more pricey than if you book a bundle. I am happy to talk about rates, if you are a student or musician on low income. (We’ve all been there!) Please just fill out the form below and we can take it from there.

Payments have to be made in Euros and are possible via PayPal or into my German bank account.

Contact / Session Bookings

Please just fill out the form and I will get back to propose you a quote as soon as I can. If you don’t hear from me within 24h please send me an email.