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Programming your Ableton Live set and developing custom Max for Live devices

You need some programming/support in setting up an Ableton Live set? You are missing a certain function in Ableton Live?

I can help ou to find a set-up which works AND make sense for your approach. I have developed over 100 Max for Live devices for clients and the AbletonDrummer-Community.

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Ableton Live free presets for Max for Live
Free Max for Live devices – AbletonDrummer

1-2-1 Online Sessions

You got an idea for a performance or set-up but you don’t know how to get there or got stuck?

I have over 10 years experience in supporting performing artists and musicians to archieve their goals.

book an online session for ableton live

I mainly use Zoom for 1-2-1 online session, which is great for screen/sound sharing + it is possible to record sessions, so you can get back there if ou forgot something.

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Online Courses

You want to use Ableton Live with your electronic drumming equipment?

I created some online courses on the subject using Ableton Live with electronic drum equipment.

Those are a great resource to get you started AND as well to find out some special tricks and other approaches, if you are using those 2 together already.

Interested? Check out all courses HERE!

Presentations and Workshops

You need someone to do a presentation or a workshop on Ableton Live?

I have done numerous presentation and workshopns at universities, colleges and user group meetings. I have experience in doing online presentations and workshops as well.

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