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Max4Live devices for live performances.
Tutorials for drummers using Ableton Live.
Custom solution for musicians using Ableton Live.

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Matt Cox from Chemical Brothers and New Order for AbletonDrummer.
Mark Kelly from Marillion for Ableton Drummer.
Michael Schack from Netsky for Ableton Drummer.

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How to live loop Ableton
Stop after song in Ableton Live.
set up text notes, text reminders and text cues when using Ableton Live's Arrangement View

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Tobi Hunke

Hello and welcome to AbletonDrummer.com!

This is a resource page and blog (not only) for drummers using Ableton Live. Besides the focus on using Ableton Live for (live) music-performances a wide variety of Max for Live devices are being presented here. “Pushing boundaries” of Ableton Live and developing user oriented solutions is the driving attitude for my work.

If you have further questions and/or need some “Ableton Live Problem Solving” – please get in touch.

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Ceski Testimonial for Ableton Live
Andy Toy Ableton Operator for Ableton Drummer
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