Live Looping with Ableton Live

A Work In Progress Max for Live device

Live looping with Ableton Live has become a quite big thing for instrumentalist and vocalist. During the pandemic music performers were able to practice social distancing and music making on the same time. Long before the pandemic live-acts like Marc Rebillet, DubFX, Rachel K Collier and Binkbeats (to name a few) are already doing incredible live-looping performances for years.


Live-Looping Equipment

Many live-loopers are using the BOSS RC-505 or different dedicated hardware loopers and there are different dedicated software solution e.g. like LOOPY PRO (for iOS) available.

Some of my clients were asking me (especially during lockdown times) what would be the best way and technique for setting up live-looping with Ableton Live. As Ableton Live is used in so many different ways there is usually not THE best way due to personal taste, set-up and instrumentation. BUT there are some challenges and complex work arounds which all Ableton Live users are facing.

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A lot of buttons need to be pressed before you can actually ‘just record a loop’ in Ableton Live. Yes you can set up dummy clips with automations, yes you can use an Ableton Push, yes you can MIDI MAP one button to trigger multiple actions on the same time – BUT all of those techniques are coming with quite a few limitations. Most important: all of those are “FLOW-Killers”!

Do you know an easy and user-friendly solution for live-looping with Ableton Live?

Yes, I do – I developed a Max for Live device which:

-is easy to set up – (relatively ‘easy’ compared to the other techniques)

-gives visual feedback on what is happening (next)

-can be performed with only pressing ONE MIDI button or foot-pedal

Sounds good? Thought so. I checked out some approaches and concepts plus implemented my own approaches for this. I want to give some credits to BINKBEATS, who released the BINK LOOPER Max for Live device, which he is using for his beautiful performances. His technique of using Ableton Live’s Session View with automations was very inspiring.

Ableton Live performance with live looping

When + where will it be available?

This Live-Looping Max for Live device is NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT – it is WORK N PROGRESS. I have quite a lot of ideas and Max for Live projects in the pipeline. Working on those without knowing if people really need those and eventually would buy those makes it quite difficult. So I thought I should try out a new approach:


It is kind of like a ‘lite version’ for you to give it a try, like it or leave it, maybe donate a few bucks and/or become a Patreon – but most important: GIVE ME FEEDBACK!

I would need to know: Do (enough) people like this approach to live looping with Ableton Live and would they pay (enough) that I would be able to develop this to a full version. So this is kind of like a conversation starter and if there is no talking back then this is fine.

IF YOU WANT TO “TALK BACK” – THEN PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL with the subject “LIVE LOOPING” and send me your feedback. I would be interesting for me to know IF and HOW MUCH you would pay for a full version.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Cheers Tobi

DOWNLOAD the Max for Live device and PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL(S).


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