How to change sounds in one Ableton Live Set MIDI track

Select one Instrument in Ableton Live

“How can I change my (drum) samples and sounds which I trigger in a Drum Rack when switching to a different song in Ableton Live? “ As I’m getting this question on a quite reguar basis, I decided to write this blog post/manual. Ableton Live has a great concept for having multiple presets for Instruments, … Read more

Erae Touch with Ableton Live – Set-Up Guide

How to connect Erae Touch with Ableton Live

Hardware Connection First you obviously need to make a USB (or MIDI 5-pin) connection from the Erae Touch to your MAC/PC and power up your Erae Touch. Expand the control and change layout presets on your Erae Touch from within Ableton Live MIDI Preferences in Ableton Live You will then need to open Ableton Live … Read more

Erae Touch Review

using the erae touch MPE MIDI controller with Ableton Live

The french company Embodme just sent out the first batch of their crowdfunded MIDI controller. I supported the crowdfunding as I see a lot of potential (not only) for drummers using this MPE compatible MIDI controller as an electronic drum pad. As I only got the Erae Touch for a few days now and the … Read more