SPD SX PRO Sampling Pad from Roland

SPD SX Pro LED Visual

Roland just announced another ‘toy’ for drummers. The SPD SX PRO Sampling Pad is an update on the Roland SPD-SX which has been around for quite a while now and is one of the most seen sampling pads on stages around the globe. I had a little look on what is new and want to … Read more

Visual Metronome Monitor for Ableton Live

Metronome Monitor for Ableton Live

Especially when using Ableton Live for live music performance you want to stay in time. When you play live beats or instruments and when you trigger scenes and clips this is crucial. Using a click track or an audio click metronome monitor in Ableton Live is not for everyone. The sound of the click can … Read more

Ableton Drummer Festival

Festival for Ableton Live Users

Finally the first AbletonDrummer-Festival is in the making. It will take place in Berlin on the 24th of September 2022 in Berlin. A whole day of workshops + concerts and hanging out with nice people! Concert Tickets The workshops will be free of charge. The concert will cost 10 Euros (pre-sale) / 15 Euros on … Read more

Dynamic clips start in Ableton Live

Stop and Start Clips from point they stopped in Ableton Live

When using Ableton Live’s Session View for live performances you might want to stop some clips of some tracks, improvise a solo and then keep on playing from where you stopped. As Ableton Live’s Session View is for live music performance and one would expect that this would be a native feature. Unfortunately this function … Read more

STOP after song and GO to next locator

Stop after song in Ableton Live.

When using Ableton Live’s Arrangement View for playing live shows you want the transport to do an automatic stop and jump to next locator. This way you don’t need to hit or press stop and navigate to the next song. Just use my “Stop after Song and Go to Next Locator” Max for Live device … Read more