Ableton Drummer Festival

All Max for Live devices for the SPD-SX for controlling Ableton Live

Finally the first AbletonDrummer-Festival is in the making. This will take place in Berlin on the 24th of September in Berlin. A whole day of workshops + concerts. More infos coming soon! (Make sure to be signed up to the newsletter to get notified!). In the meanwhile – I need some funds to make sure … Read more

Dynamic clips start in Ableton Live

Stop and Start Clips from point they stopped in Ableton Live

When using Ableton Live’s Session View for live performances you might want to stop some clips of some tracks, improvise a solo and then keep on playing from where you stopped. As Ableton Live’s Session View is for live music performance and one would expect that this would be a native feature. Unfortunately this function … Read more

STOP after song and GO to next locator

Stop after song in Ableton Live.

When using Ableton Live’s Arrangement View for playing live shows you want the transport to do an automatic stop and jump to next locator. This way you don’t need to hit or press stop and navigate to the next song. Just use my “Stop after Song and Go to Next Locator” Max for Live device … Read more

Text notes in Ableton Live’s Arrangement

set up text notes, text reminders and text cues when using Ableton Live's Arrangement View

I thought it would be great to be able to set up text notes, text reminders and text cues when using Ableton Live’s Arrangement View for live performances. The quickest and easiest way to set up text notes in Ableton is creating MIDI clips and just use the “Rename” function. I already made a Max … Read more

Control Ableton with Drum Pad

Use Drum Trigger for Ableton Live

How to control Ableton Live via an electronic drum pad You don’t want to buy or bring a trigger-to-midi interface when you just need one drum pad to trigger one function in Ableton Live. You might have an old rubber drum pad laying around or wan to get a Roland BT-1 trigger and just set … Read more

Hybrid Drum Sounds

play hybrid drums with those free mentioned in the NonaPad review

Here you will find some (free) drum samples I put together. Those hybrid drum sounds can be loaded on drum sampling pads like the Roland SPD-SX, the Millenium NonaPad or others. Of course they can be loaded directly into Ableton Live. For the Nonapad, the Avatar PD705 you will find a file you can import … Read more