Yamaha DTX Multi Pad 12 with Ableton Live

Change Kits of your Yamaha DTX Multi Pad 12

Using the DTX 12 with Ableton Live is easy to set up. You can change the kits on your Yamaha M12 automatically to the songs you play in Ableton Live via the DTX M12 Kit Selector from AbletonDrummer.com. For this you would need Max for Live, which is included in Ableton Lives Suite version or … Read more

The Art of eDrumming – Book review

In November 2018 I stumbled over some posts from Sebastian Beresford (aka BID) about using electronic drums with Ableton Live and it didn’t take long for me to get in contact. After having a few video chats via Facebook it was clear that he was working on some great material to be released in a … Read more