Soundbrenner with Ableton Live via Ableton LINK

Link Soundbrenner Pulse with Ableton Live

Here is a little guide on how you can connect the Soundbrenner Pulse, Core and Core Steel with Ableton Live. Some personal words first I was always interested in the Soundbrenner devices and when they announced that they were working on a new and more advanced version I became a supporter of their crowd-funding campaign … Read more

Using the Roland TM-6 Pro with Ableton Live

Setting up TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live

The Roland TM-6 pro is a great piece of hardware to use in combination with Ableton Live. Of course its main purpose is for triggering drum sounds from your hybrid drum set-up. But as well as using it for this purpose it lets you use it as an external sound card for your computer running … Read more

Roland TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live

Select kits on TM-6 PRO from within Ableton Live

The “Kit Selector” Max for Live device lets you change kit-presets of your Roland TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live. You can automate changes via MIDI clips, use e-drum pads via MIDI MAP. The Max for Live device monitors the kit selection. Download the device HERE! Set Up the TM-6 Pro with Ableton Live You first … Read more