SPD SX PRO Sampling Pad from Roland

SPD SX Pro LED Visual

The SPD SX PRO Sampling Pad is an update on the Roland SPD-SX which has been around for quite a while now and is one of the most seen sampling pads on stages around the globe. I had a little look on what is new and want to make a quick consumption on the new … Read more

SPD SX with Ableton Live online course

SPD SX with Ableton Live

The SPD-SX is one of the most used electronic drum pads. You can use the Roland SPD SX in conjunction with Ableton Live to trigger drum samples, loops and to control a full performance with backing tracks, lights and video. How to start using the Roland SPD-SX with Ableton Live? When you start using new … Read more

Using the CHAIN SELECTOR in Ableton

Select one Instrument in Ableton Live via the Chain Selector

“How can I change my (drum) samples and sounds which I trigger in a Drum Rack when switching to a different song in Ableton Live? ” As I’m getting this question on a quite regular basis, I decided to write this blog post/manual. Ableton Live has a great concept for having multiple presets for Instruments, … Read more