SPD SX with Ableton Live online course

The SPD-SX is one of the most used electronic drum pads. You can use the Roland SPD SX in conjunction with Ableton Live to trigger drum samples, loops and to control a full performance with backing tracks, lights and video.

How to start using the Roland SPD-SX with Ableton Live?

When you start using new electronic gear and softwares the experience can be demotivating. To many options, preferences and settings can be quite overwhelming and take the fun out of exploring the new stuff. This online course is exactly the opposite.

As I am teaching and explaining MIDI and digital audio to musicians, performers and teachers for years now, I now how to put things in context to have everyone on board. But not only beginners in this field of using an SPD-SX with Ableton Live but as well intermediate users will find useful and new content in this course: every possible way on how to connect and use the two things together is explained.

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SPD SX with Ableton Live

Full course curriculum:

Introduction and overview of Ableton Live surface for beginners (20:00)

Module 1 – Audio connections (via USB)

101 – Install audio driver to create audio connection (MAC) (2:18)

102 – Install audio driver to create audio connection (WIN) (1:11)

103 – Send audio from Ableton Live to the SPD SX (2:43)

104 – Send audio from the SPD SX to Ableton Live (2:18)

105 – How to archive the best latency values (8:04) 106 – all audio routings charts

Module 2 – How to record sounds from SPD SX into Ableton Live

201 – Record your SPD SX sounds into Ableton Live and playback routing options (5:33)

202 – Record your SPD SX sounds to a click (1:38)

203 – Record your SPD SX sounds as (layered) loops (6:37)

Module 3 – How to create new sounds with audio effects

301 – Apply and switch between audio effects (7:27)

302 – Save audio effect presets (2:09)

303 – Group audio effects to racks (1:56)

304 – Effect racks with macro control (3:13)

How to use the SPD SX with Ableton Live

Module 4 – MIDI connections

401 – Set up a MIDI connection from SPD SX to Ableton Live (4:39)

402 – MIDI for playing sounds (MIDI notes to track) (4:46)

403 – MIDI for controlling parameters (MIDI REMOTE) – MIDI notes (5:07)

404 – MIDI for controlling parameters (MIDI REMOTE) – MIDI Control Change (3:33)

405 – Advanced MIDI remote with rack chains (11:52)

406 – Tempo sync and MIDI clock between SPD SX and Ableton Live (5:25)

407 – Send MIDI notes from Ableton Live to trigger sounds in SPD SX (3:08)

408 – Change Kits on SPD SX via Ableton Live (4:42)

Module 5 – Playing sounds and instruments with SPD SX via MIDI in Ableton Live

501 – Instruments in Ableton Live – overview (6:34)

502 – Abletons Impulse and how to change MIDI notes on SPD SX (6:54)

503 – What is so special about the Impulse? (2:13)

504 – Drumtuner for Impulse (2:20)

505 – Abletons Drumrack (5:00)

506 – Drumtuner for Drumrack (1:52)

507 – Sampled and tonal instruments (3:09)

508 – Record and edit MIDI notes (7:13)

509 – MIDI notes routing to trigger sounds in SPD SX – for recording (3:08)

510 – MIDI notes routing back to trigger sounds in SPD SX – live (2:11)

Module 6 – MIDI effects

601 – MIDI effects overview – note length and pitch (2:39)

602 – MIDI effect chords (3:39)

603 – M4L MIDI effects – TriggerTune (5:34)

Module 7 – Control parameters and clips in Ableton Live via your SPD SX

701 – MIDI remote mappings basic (3:05)

702 – MIDI remote mappings advanced (4:32)

703 – MIDI remote with MIDI CC from SPD SX (4:56)

• Start Resources and links

SPD-SX Max4Live devices

• Preview SPD SX Kit selector (9:03)
• Preview SPD SX Scenes up and down (10:38)

More advanced SPD-SX topics

If you are interested in some more advanced control options please check out my SPD-SX control device.

How to use the SPD SX with Ableton Live