Resources for Drummers

Resources for Ableton Drummers

I create resources for drummers who are starting out or who want to dive deeper into Ableton Live. I have several online courses which will walk you through possible set-ups. The courses will give you a deep understanding from the basic to advanced techniques on how to use Ableton Live from a drummers perspective. If you are looking for private online lessons and coaching, you can book a session with me here.

There are many articles and informations on Ableton Live, drums and Max for Live in the BLOG section of this page. You can use the search here to find the content you are looking for:

Ableton Live for Drummer Vol.1

electronic drums with Ableton Live

This is a very good starting point for drummers who are using an electronic drum kit or a hybrid set-up. It covers MIDI and audio connections, MIDI recording and looping and how to fire loops and samples via your electronic or hybrid drums.

SPD-SX with Ableton Live

Roland SPD MIDI controller for Ableton Live.

The Roland SPD-SX is probably the most used electronic drum pad especially when it comes to live music performances. There are several ways on how to integrate the SPD SX with Ableton Live and there are quite a few specials which not many people are aware of. This course will give you a full overview of all possible set-ups for the Roland SPD with Ableton Live and will help you find the one which will work for you.

MIDI Remote Ableton Live via electronic drum pads

control Ableton Live via Roland, Yamaha and Alesis pad

You can control Ableton Live via electronic drum pads – start and stop backing tracks, mute and activate tracks, change songs, (de-)activate the metronome etc. All of this can be easily archived but Ableton Live’s native MIDI map function is limited. Often drummers want more functions and flexibility and create control presets. I created a collection of Max for Live devices which are giving drummers more advanced controls. This course provides those devices, tools and the knowledge on how to set this up.

All devices and techniques shown are designed for a variety of electronic drum pads including:

  • Roland SPD-SX
  • Alesis Strike Multipad
  • Yamaha DTX-12
  • Keith McMillen BopPad
  • Alternate Mode Drumkat
  • Alesis Sample Pad Pro
  • Millenium MD-90


I have lots of tutorials on my two Youtube channels covering a lot of common questions and topics regarding Ableton Live and Drumming. Please make sure to subscribe to both channels and to leave a thumbs up. That always helps me to stay motivated to do more tutorials.

Youtube Channel 1

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How to start with Ableton Live

You might want to use Ableton Live to:

  • trigger samples and sounds?
  • record your drums?
  • run backing tracks for your band?
  • trigger visuals and lights?
  • go a bit more experimental and trigger melodies and chords via your drums?

All those things are possible but starting out can be a bit overwhelming. What gear do I need? How do I connect my gear right and how do I make things flow?

Every day I am getting emails from drummers using Ableton Live asking me questions about those topics. I can say that I have a good understanding of the (basic) knowledge needed for (not only) drummers working with Ableton Live.

Haven’t found what you are looking for?

If you you haven’t found what you are looking for you could get in touch and right me an email.

You can as well book me for private online lesson. You will find more info here.