Support Chatbot for questions on Ableton Live

ableton support chatbot

This Ableton Support Chatbot is trained to answer question about my Max for Live devices and the resources I created on Ableton Live. You will get instant support and answers to your questions. The AI Chatbot (aka TobiBot) will further provide you with links towards related Max for Live devices, (video) manuals and more resources on the solutions I created for Ableton Live.

Please use the TobiBot AI Chatbot for:

  • researching and finding M4L plugins solutions for Ableton Live
  • trouble shoot on my Max for Live devices

TobiBot understand and speaks 100+ languages, so you don’t have to ask in English language only!

This Ableton Support ChatBot is a test and will develop over time

It can only cover and provide good info on questions on Ableton Live I developed content and fixes for so far. It is still making a lot of mistakes and giving good advice on the same time.

I am not expecting the TobiBot to work for everyone. BUT: I am coming to my limits of being able to answer all emails, messages and requests from the Ableton Community. ChatGPT and AI is now at this point where it actually could fill in this gap for Ableton Live support.

It helps me to help you: providing my knowledge and supporting musicians, performers and producers to find solutions for Ableton Live.

Of course there is still the option to book me for online Ableton Live support sessions.

Just type in your questions in the same way, like you would write me an email. You can ask questions about a M4L device you bought or you are interested in. Fell free to ask about missing functionality in Ableton Live. There might be some for a Max for Live device which should fix a missing functionality in Ableton Live.

By clicking on “Load Content” you confirm that you understood that you are using a ChatBot. The TobiBot might give you wrong (and even weird) answers. You can always rephrase questions. Please check out the links TobiBot will provide you with. 🙂