Setting up your MIDI Controller with Ableton Live

Set up MIDI Control for Ableton Live track in

A Comprehensive Guide to Configuring Your MIDI Controller with Ableton Live This guide is focusing on sending MIDI from external MIDI controllers into MIDI tracks in Ableton Live. To overcome the limitations by Ableton Live’s native MIDI MAP function, I developed the ADVANCED MIDI CONTROL Max for Live plug ins for DIALS+FADERS and for BUTTONS. … Read more

Advanced MIDI Control in Ableton Live

Flexible and advanced MIDI control for Ableton Live

In this blog post, we will show you how to use the Advanced MIDI Control Max for Live devices in Ableton Live. You can create flexible MIDI Map presets and you are able to save and recall those. There are 2 Max for Live packs for extending the controls for external MIDI controllers: How to … Read more

How to use the MIDI Blaster to Control Ableton Live

MIDI Blaster to Control Ableton Live- free Max for Live Plugin

The MIDI Blaster is a new device that allows you to control Ableton Live using your hands. It has four sensors that detect the distance of your hand and three different presets that change the color and intensity of the lights depending on the distance. You can get a free/donation-based Max for Live plug-in to … Read more

How to enable MPE for Max for Live devices

Enable MPE for Max for Live in Ableton Live

Since Ableton Live version 11 you are able to use MIDI Polyphonc Expression (MPE). It is possible to use MPE for Max for Live plug ins as well and even more important: MPE needs to be activated even just to pass through MPE information. In other words: a Max for Live device will block and … Read more

Record and Re-Trigger live audio in Ableton Live

Record and re-trigger live audio in Ableton Live.

The Live Chopper Max for Live Device is a fast and easy way to re-sample any audio in Ableton Live. You are able to record and re-trigger live audio signal e.g. your voice via a mic.You can then trigger those samples on the fly right away. The device works with any kind of MIDI controller … Read more