How to fix sustain in Ableton Live

Fix Sustain in ableton Live

MIDI Sustain in Ableton Live can be recorded and edited into a MIDI clip. You can as well use an external MIDI controller to send a MIDI Sustain Message into a MIDI track in Ableton Live. Unfortunately Ableton Live handles MIDI Sustain messages in a way which can lead to MIDI notes sustaining indefinitely. I … Read more

Trigger Chords in Ableton Live

Trigger Chords in Ableton Live

The “Chord Trigger” Max for Live device let’s you trigger chords in Ableton Live in the style of a step sequencer. You can advance each step via triggering a MIDI note via your MIDI controller. Of course you can use (electronic) drums as well sending a MIDI note. Import chords via MIDI clips This device … Read more

How to use drum triggers with Ableton Live

Drum pad to MIDI in Ableton Live.

Here is one example showing how you are able to connect drum triggers to play sounds in Ableton Live. This technique is using a Max for Live device which is taking the audio signal produced by a piezo, drum trigger or mic. You can just connect those to your external sound card/interface and you won’t … Read more

Control Track Automations

Track Control Automation for Ableton Live

You want to be able to select tracks automatically? You want to set solo, arm and change the track monitor automatically? Then you should check out my AutoMATE Ableton Live TRACK Control Pack. This pack includes 8 Max for Live devices all about control tracks automations in Ableton Live. I have 2 more Max for … Read more

Enable automations and AutoMATE Pack 2

Set automations for Ableton Live Master functions

You can’t automate all functions in Ableton Live. Some controls are crucial especially when using Ableton Live for live music performances. You want to be able to trigger the (Re-) Enable Automations function in Ableton Live for parameters you want to change live AND via automations. I created 3 packs of Max for Live devices … Read more