Dynamic clips start in Ableton Live

Stop and Start Clips from point they stopped in Ableton Live

When using Ableton Live’s Session View for live performances you might want to stop some clips of some tracks, improvise a solo and then keep on playing from where you stopped. As Ableton Live’s Session View is for live music performance and one would expect that this would be a native feature. Unfortunately this function … Read more

STOP after song and GO to next locator

Stop after song in Ableton Live.

When using Ableton Live’s Arrangement View for playing live shows you want the transport to do an automatic stop and jump to next locator. This way you don’t need to hit or press stop and navigate to the next song. Just use my “Stop after Song and Go to Next Locator” Max for Live device … Read more

How to set fixed clip length in Ableton Live

set record length in Ableton Live

When using Ableton Live’s Session View and recording clips for live looping you want to be able to set a fixed clip length in Ableton and not have to press a second time on the currently recording clip. Set a predetermined clip length in Ableton without using a Push is now possible via my Max … Read more