“Cymbal Choke” with E-Drums and Ableton Live

Mute electronic cymbals with Roland e drum

Cymbal Choke with electronic drums has become a common standard for current electronic drum kits on the market. Drum sample apps, plug-ins and VST are supporting this feature as well. Ableton Live support Cymbal Choke from Version 11. How to set up a cymbal choke for e-drums with Ableton Live Unfortunately to make this all … Read more

Nord Drum 3P EDITOR for Ableton Live (Max for Live)

3P sound edit

Updated to Version 2! History of the Nord Drum 3P Editor for Ableton Live I released an editor for the Nord Drum 3P back in late 2017 as one of my first Max for Live devices. As this was one of my first devices I obviously didn’t make everything as nice and clean and didn’t … Read more