How to Play Next Scene in Ableton Live

select scene in Ableton Live

Ableton Live has two distinct views which allow for different workflows. One is called Arrangement View and is often used for composition, arrangement, and mixing. The other one is called Session View. For sketching out new ideas on the fly and live performances you want to use Session View In this post we’ll be looking … Read more

How to create locators in Ableton Live

Locators Ableton Edit

Have you ever wanted to create locators in Ableton Live based on clips positions?  Or create clips based on arrangement locator positions?  Now you can do both with the Arrangement Locator + guide Clip devices from Ableton Drummer.  If you work in the arrangement view of Ableton Live, using arrangement locators, can help your workflow. … Read more

How to display lyrics in Ableton Live

Lyrics with Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a great choice for live music performance. Unfortunately Ableton Live is not able to display lyrics natively. You would need 3rd party software or you could use one of my solutions for displaying lyrics and slides via Max for Live devices. I am working on another solution for lyrics in Ableton Live. … Read more


Convert and change MIDI messages in Ableton

With the Convert Midi Devices Pack you can now easily convert any type of the three primary MIDI message types. If you are using Ableton Live for performing, producing, sound designing, or almost any situation, you’re probably using midi. Perhaps you use a midi controller for remote mapping the Ableton Live Set. Or you send … Read more

Recall track output routing in Ableton

Save presets for track routings.

One thing on many Ableton Live user wish lists is the ability to save and recall track output routing configurations. Audio routing in Ableton Live is an important part of both performance and production workflows. Scenarios where audio output may need to change quickly can be tedious and sometimes risky depending on the complexity of … Read more

How to automate metronome in Ableton

Automate tempo changes in Session in Ableton

If you’re trying to play perfectly in time then you’ll benefit from playing along with a metronome. This is helpful if you’re playing along with other musicians. It also helps if you’re playing along with loops, or if you just want to maintain a rock-solid groove. You can as well automate the metronome on and off … Read more