Scene Setlist Monitor for Ableton Live

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If you are using Ableton Live’s Session View for playing music live you will need a better and bigger monitoring option for your scene names. The Ableton Setlist plugin provides a big pop-up window which displays scene names. You are able to display custom text notes, bar count-downs and sliders and next scenes. The Scene Setlist Monitor makes navigating and quick changes of your setlist in a (huge) Ableton Live set quick and easy.

Get support for Ableton Live

Selecting a song and scene via the Ableton Setlist in Session View

If each song is cut up into x scenes and if you have quite a lot of songs and scenes in your Ableton Live set it can become a little difficult to navigate. The Ableton Scene Setlist plug-in can solve this for you.

It shows a list of names of user specified Scenes in a menu. This menu can be scrolled through via a MIDI dial or songs can be selected quickly.

Create a menu of all scene names in Ableton Live

To be able to now which scenes are coming next you can view the name of the next (and former) scenes.

Apply text notes for performance in Ableton Live

You can simply add text notes, e.g. chord symbols, cue words or “don’t-f*-up” notes which will guide you through your performance.

Add custom notes like chords or cues in Ableton Live.

Bar slider + count-down in Ableton Live Session View

Hadn’t had enough time to rehearse? Your cover band just plays to many songs to remember how long each part/scene is? If that sounds familiar – just activate the “Bar Slider” and “Bar Count-Down” functions to monitor the lasting length of this scene.

Show how long a scene is playing in Ableton Live

How to use the Setlist plug-in for Ableton Session View

Please watch the full run-through tutorial below to learn more about this Max for Live device and how to set it up. This will cover and answer the questions:

  • How to display Ableton Scene names bigger
  • How to monitor order of songs in Ableton
  • How to quickly select a song in Ableton Session View
  • How to see monitor how long a scene is lasting via a bar count down and a slider in Ableton Live
  • How to display the next song in your Ableton Setlist

How to use your iPad for monitoring Ableton Live’s Setlist

You can monitor your Ableton Setlist names and order on your iPad as well. Please use the included second Max for Live plug-in. You will need to get the Mira app for iOS to run this additional option. This Ableton setlist plugin can display how long your current scene and part of song in Ableton’s Session View is playing directly on your iPad.

Please watch the video below to understand what the Scene Setlist for iPad can do for you: