AbletonDrummer Database


This collection of drummers, who are using Ableton Live in one or another way, started as an idea for the Facebookgroup: Ableton Drummer – all things Ableton Live and drumming (join here!) to get to know each other better and to get a bigger picture of what kind of (sometimes very) different approaches there already are in practice or in development. As there is no such thing as one way to use Ableton Live and especially for drummers everyone is developing their own agenda and set ups, the different approaches are not that easy to categorize and quite individual, so this is an collection of profiles of different drummers with links to their projects, homepages, social media sites etc., I filled in people who crossed my way or sent me their infos and links. Of course this collection is incomplete and just one way to find out about technics and approaches, if you want to be presented here as well or if you want to provide some info about others please fill out this form:

Everyone who plays drums and uses Ableton Live is welcome!

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You will find more resources and links at my Blog: and as well video courses about this topics on my Youtube-Channel or my video courses homepage.