Melody Trigger – Max for Live device for Ableton Live

Drummers using Ableton Live have the urge to be able to do more then ‘only’ triggering drum sounds. If you have a an electronic kit, an eDrum pad or if you play acoustic drums with triggers: playing melodies, chords or chopped up audio sequences has become really easy to set up via my Melody Trigger Max for Live device.


Watch me use the MelodyTrigger in this performance.

How to set-up your drums to trigger melodies?

First you need to make a MIDI connection between your electronic drums device and your computer. If you don’t know how to do this please check out my online course on how to use your edrums with Ableton Live here. If you own a Roland SPD-SX I have a course on that particular device here.

What software do you need to trigger sequences with drums?

You will need the software Ableton Live (oviously) plus its extension called Max for Live which is included in the Ableton Live Suite version or can be bought as an add-on to the Ableton Live Standard version. If you don’t own a copy of the Ableton Live Suite you can get a free trial here, which will be fully functional for 30-days. (Note: currently for even 90 days – July 2020)

All set? How to set-up melodies now?

The big advantage of the Melody Trigger is that setting up and importing MIDI melodies is really straight forward. It is very similar to editing MIDI notes in an Ableton Live clip. Of course if you are completely new to Ableton Live it will take a little time to find your way around – just compare this to learn a new instrument or learning some new drumming technique.

If you have some experience with using MIDI clips in Ableton Live already you should be able to get startet right away.

Not quite getting there?

If you stuck and feel it would be great to get some support in how to ‘program’ and implement your musical and performance ideas:

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More resources:

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Please read the manual carefully. All functions of the Melody Trigger are explainend in here. DOWNLOAD THE MANUAL HERE

Verion 2 Updates Run-through Video

Run-Through video for starting out:

Instructions for updated version (V1.2):