Tascam TA 1 VP Auto-Tune with Ableton Live

Tascam TA 1 VP with Ableton Live

Auto-Tune hardware for Ableton Live MIDI messages from Ableton Live can control the TA 1 VP. This will become handy if you want to automate preset changes and select different presets functions like pitch scales. For live performances the TA 1 VP is the go-to hardware solution for effects like Auto-Tune. You are able to … Read more

Using the CHAIN SELECTOR in Ableton

Select one Instrument in Ableton Live via the Chain Selector

“How can I change my (drum) samples and sounds which I trigger in a Drum Rack when switching to a different song in Ableton Live? ” As I’m getting this question on a quite regular basis, I decided to write this blog post/manual. Ableton Live has a great concept for having multiple presets for Instruments, … Read more

Note Speed to Control Parameters – MAP + MIDI CC

Different speed of notes resume in different control values in Ableton Live

The “Note Speed To MAP” device lets you control parameters in Ableton Live via the speed of played MIDI notes. You can MAP a wide range of parameters in Ableton Live. This way you can set-up that faster notes will increase a parameter. You can set from which speed/tempo notes are being played the control … Read more

How to loop in Ableton Arrangement View

set loops for songs

There are different ways to set up looping in Ableton Live. For Live looping with Ableton Live I developed a plugin which works very similar to hardware loopers. In this blog post I am focusing on looping for pre-set arrangements. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LIVE-LOOPING SET UPS WITH ABLETON LIVE PLEASE READ THIS POST … Read more

Erae Touch with Ableton Live – Set-Up Guide

How to connect Erae Touch with Ableton Live

Hardware Connection First you obviously need to make a USB (or MIDI 5-pin) connection from the Erae Touch to your MAC/PC and power up your Erae Touch. Expand the control and change layout presets on your Erae Touch from within Ableton Live MIDI Preferences in Ableton Live You will then need to open Ableton Live … Read more