2 new products from Roland

Roland TM-6 Pro

Roland just announced the RT-MicS and TM-6 Pro. RT-MicS A new stand-alone trigger with an inbuilt sound module plus, and that is very special: an inbuilt mic. Powered by an adapter or a 9V battery you can mount this on your drum, use one of the pre-loaded samples or load your one one-shot samples on … Read more


While I was doing a review about Rolands new SPD One Wav Pad I was struggling to explain the edit function in my first run. That why I decided to do a short course on the topic of how to add and edit sounds in there.

1-2-1 Online sessions

book an online session for ableton live

I teach Ableton Live online via ZOOM Meetings. On request (part of) sessions can be recorded and downloaded afterwards.   Approach I help people to find solutions and develop approaches which fit to their needs. Proposing technical solutions is easy! The challenging part for creative people is often to create a ‘formula’ and workflow which … Read more

Velocity to Midi CC in Ableton Live – Overview and Max for Live device

Max for Live device for Note to MIDI control change

How to use your playing velocity to control parameters in Ableton Live? A few month back a fellow AbletonDrummer asked me if it would be possible to control delay, reverb, and send knobs in Ableton Live  with your drumming, which made me thinking about this topic. Of course you can always midi map a midi … Read more

Andy Gangadeen Masterclass Video

Watch a  Masterclass with Andy Gangadeen, who is a UK based drummer combining acoustics and electronics drums for quite a while. I saw Andy playing live 2 times in Bristol (UK) back in the days when I used to live there. He was playing with his electronic 100% impro band THE BAYS and one time … Read more

Lectures / Workshops

Ableton Live guest talks and presentations

I have done several lectures and workshops on Ableton Live for universities, schools, colleges, community meetings. Of course those can be virtual as well. (Natürlich können diese Workshops auch auf deutsch gehalten werden) Please get in touch if you are interested and have a request for a lecture or workshop.