MIDI Velocity Control in Ableton Live

Get the Velocity control devices pack for Ableton Live

What is MIDI Velocity? MIDI stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface”. This refers to anything that converts some sort of musical instrument, whether hardware or software, into data that can be read by software such as Ableton Live or any other modern digital audio workstation (“DAW”) midi velocity control.  One of these MIDI signals known … Read more

Note to Random MAP values in percentage

Create random values via incoming MIDI notes with this Max for Live device

You sometimes want to add some ‘randomness’ – for sound parameters, for audio effects, selection of instruments and so on. Having those triggered by incoming MIDI notes gives you some possibilities to change stuff quick and to your needs – this could be used for sound design in a studio situation and as well for … Read more

Play chords in Ableton Live

Play chords with one note in Ableton Live

The Note To Chord V3 Max for Live device lets you play chords in Ableton Live with some very deep velocity control. Unlike other ‘MIDI-chord-tools’ you can set-up some very advanced chord progressions. You have scale presets and even a big selection of chord progressions are included. Complete run-through tutorial below: How to set-up a … Read more

How to play next scene automatically

Cue Scenes in Ableton Live

Ableton Live has two distinct views which allow for different workflows. For composition, arrangement, and mixing most people use Arrangement View. When sketching out new ideas on the fly and live performances most people use Session View. For live performances you want to set up scenes to play next scene automatically. Unfortunately the selection of … Read more

Control ZOOM meetings via Ableton Live

ZOOM meetings control via Ableton Live

Teaching and presenting Ableton Live online has got a massive boost since Covid and contact restrictions. As I was using ZOOM meetings for teaching online long before the pandemic – I got a little head start here. I thought it would be great to add some ZOOM meetings control via Ableton Live and made a … Read more