1-2-1 Online sessions

How to book online ableton lessons.

I teach Ableton online lessons via ZOOM Meetings. On request (part of) sessions can be recorded and downloaded afterwards. Approach for teaching Ableton Live online I help people to find solutions and develop approaches which fit to their needs. Proposing technical solutions is easy! The challenging part for creative people is often to create a … Read more

Wii Drums with Ableton Live via OSculator

Some years ago I was thinking about how to make my band’s ( Ego vs Emo ) performance more lively via using some WII drums with Ableton Live. I had this idea about creating a drum set-up which would allow me to move around on stage. As I’m standing while playing in this band anyways … Read more

Online Courses

Learn how to use Ableton Live online courses

I produced a number of online courses about the subject Ableton Live and drumming. You can check ALL of them out HERE! Ableton Live for Drummer Vol.1 – online course This is a very good starting point for drummers who are using an electronic drum kit or a hybrid set-up. It covers MIDI and audio … Read more

Velocity to Midi CC in Ableton Live – Overview and Max for Live device

Max for Live device for Note to MIDI control change

How to use your MIDI velocity to control parameters in Ableton Live Once a fellow ‘AbletonDrummer’ asked me if it would be possible to control delay, reverb and send knobs in Ableton Live with your drumming. Of course you can always midi map a midi drum/pad to a parameter in Ableton Live, but this would only … Read more

Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live

If you’re a percussionist or a producer who loves experimenting with sounds, then you may have heard of Sensory Percussion. This innovative technology allows you to control sounds in Ableton Live using a drum kit. If you want to get an idea here is a short jam demonstrating Sensory Percussion. What is Sensory Percussion? Sunhouse … Read more

The history of electronic drums

The history of electronic drums started in the 1960s. These innovative instruments were initially developed as a solution to the issues faced by drummers in the recording studio. Electronic drums have since evolved into a diverse and popular instrument that has revolutionised the music industry. Video series on the history of electronic drums Justin from … Read more