Control lights with your drumming

Control Light show with Ableton Live.

Control lights with your drumming I just got someone asking me about this topic, how to control DMXis via Ableton Live with your drums, which reminded me that there are actually still a few connections to make. To be honest this topic wasn’t that present to me, not because I don’t use this MIDI to … Read more

Alesis Strike Multipad Review

alesis multipad in store

Alesis Strike Multipad Review – first impression and thoughts DISCLAIMER: this review is not ment to be a full check on all the functions or sounds of the Alesis Strike Multipad – this review is mainly paying attention on it as a MIDI controller with Ableton Live not in stand-alone mode and to make some … Read more

Wii Drums to Ableton Live via OSculator

Background storySome years ago I was thinking about how to make my bands ( Ego vs Emo ) performance more lively I had this idea about creating a drum set-up which would allow me to move around on stage. As I’m standing while playing in this band anyways and wanted to be even more pro-active, … Read more

Velocity to Midi CC in Ableton Live – Overview and Max for Live device

Max for Live device for Note to MIDI control change

How to use your playing velocity to control parameters in Ableton Live? A few month back a fellow AbletonDrummer asked me if it would be possible to control delay, reverb, and send knobs in Ableton Live  with your drumming, which made me thinking about this topic. Of course you can always midi map a midi … Read more