BopPad with Ableton Live – Max for Live devices

When using the BopPad with Ableton Live you run into limitation as you only get 4 pads to trigger samples, clips or scenes. You can select between 4 different preset slots but that only gives you a total of 16 different MIDI note pitches and it is not a really comfortable way as natively you don’t get a visual feedback which preset is currently selected.

To be able to trigger over 500 different MIDI notes, clips you can use my BopPad Session Control device.

The 128 states and presets are giving you a great visual overview for what is currently mapped and what will be triggered. You can get the device HERE.

You can find out more on how it works in this video:

Free Max for Live devices for your BopPad

I just starting out to experiment with the Keith McMillan BopPad but already designed Max for Live devices for it.

BopPad StatusViewer for Ableton Live:


This devices lets you get some visual control inside Ableton Live about your BopPad – it is very usefull if you toggle (audio) effects and/or loops on/off with your BopPad, as it will light up the zones in colours and show you the state of it on the device itself or in 3 different sized floating windows.

Quick runthrough video:


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BopPad Preset – pick from Ableton Live


This device is just a very simple way to change the presets on your BopPad without leaving Ableton Live. You can automate the change by settings this change in envelopes in MIDI clips. It has an optional floating window as well, so if you want to monitor in which preset you are this is very handy.

Free Max for Live device BopPad Preset Ableton Live

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