Learning Max – institutions and universities

As I have just spent a week in Marseille attending a workshop about Max, Msp, Jitter and Max for Live led by Julien Bayle, I am totally hooked up to dive deeper into this field. Julien is a well known artist in this field and as well a very good teacher and I can highly recommend to attend his workshops! (He will do another workshop in early AprilCHECK HERE!) 

Max Msp Jitter Ableton Workshop
Workshop attendes of Julian Bayle Max Msp Jitter Ableton Live Workshop

I have learned a lot about Max for Live by myself, released some devices and offering some services with M4L already,  but found out (again) that getting teached by a pro can take things to new level. On my travels back from France I was asking myself which universities and institutions are teaching Max, Msp, Jitter and Max for Live and posted this question in the Max/Msp Facebook group and comments just exploded.. (see original post on Facebook)

–  as scrolling through all the comments and links is not a really nice experience I decided to start to list all this info here. Of course I couldn’t check all the links and infos and a few courses might be only teaching small parts of Max and have their main subject on other things, some places might went on to teach different subjects etc. but these are or were places where people got in touch with Max. I will complete the list time by time and haven’t put in all the places which where mentioned yet. If you know of a place please mail this to me (City, University, Institute plus links!) so I can add this to the list.



Utrecht – HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

The Hague – Institute of Sonology

Amsterdam – Amsterdam University of Arts



London – Queen Mary University of London, MSc

Leicester – De Montfort University, Creative Music Technology BA (Hons)



Karlsruhe – Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe – Institut für Musikwissentschaft und Musikinformatik

Hamburg – Hochschule für Musik und Theater – Max/MSP LAB




Dublin – Trinity college Dublin, MMT


Nothern Irland

Belfast – Queens University Belfast



Universitat De Barcelona – Sound Art



Lisbon – Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

Porto – Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Belas Artes



Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh, MSc Sound Design not any more? Changed to PD?

Glasgow – University of Glasgow, MSc Sound Design and Audiovisual Practice

Glasgow – Glasgow Caledonian University, Audio Technology BSc



Gothenburg, Valand Academy, Interactive Art



Berkeley – CNMAT