Ableton Live TEMPO FOLLOW Guide (PDF)

How to use set up Ableton Live to follow your live tempo

Ableton Live 11 came with some exciting features. One feature has some potential to change the click-track paradigm – the TEMPO FOLLOW for Ableton Live. After doing some in depth testing and interviewing the peps from Ableton behind it I thought it would be great to do a guide on this feature and on dynamic tempo concepts available in Ableton Live. So here it is now. It comes for free/pay-what-you-want – make sure not to miss this!

Make Ableton Live follow your Tempo in BPM


For expanding dynamic tempo control I developed a TEMPO CONTROL COLLECTION – 7 Max for Live devices. For example: If you want to automate the Tempo Follow function to be turned on/off at certain parts in your Live set, you will find a Max4Live device here which can do that.

Here is a playlist of video tutorials for each device included in this collection.