How to loop in Ableton Arrangement View

There are different ways to set up looping in Ableton Live. For Live looping with Ableton Live I developed a plugin which works very similar to hardware loopers. In this blog post I am focusing on looping for pre-set arrangements.


If you are looking for solutions on how to do dynamic loops and repeating section of your pre-arranged songs, please keep reading this post.

Looping in Ableton’s Arrangement can be set up very quick. You just need to set the “Loop In and Out” brackets to the section in the Ableton Arrangement and activate the loop switch button. Alternatively you can select a section and press CMND+L or Control+L. This will turn a loop ON + OFF.

How to set multiple loop sections in Ableton Arrangement View?

Natively you are only able to set up only one loop region in Ableton Live’s Arrangement View. I have created three Max for Live devices which are solving this issue and let you set up multiple loop regions in Arrangement View quick and easy. They meet different use cases of looping during a performance. Please read the descriptions and watch the videos below to find out which one(s) are the right ones for you.

Set Up multiple Arrangement Control
Spontaneous looping in Ableton Live Arrangement View
Set up multiple loops in Arrangement View in Ableton.

Arrangement Loop Control in Ableton

This Max for Live device lets you set up multiple loop regions in Ableton Live’s Arrangement quick and easy. You just need to add MIDI clips for each area you want to set to loop automatically. 

You can as well determine how many times this area should be looped before the transport keeps on playing to the next part by simply naming the MIDI clips. 

Flexible Looping in Arrangement View in Ableton Live

This device is for performances where you want to decide spontaneous to loop a certain section or not. The selection of the loop brackets and sections is moving automatically. You can just hit “LOOP ON” and the specified sections will loop.

Arrangement Looper V2

This second device lets you pre set loops beforehand as well and have them activated automatic. Check out this video tutorial below on how to set it up.