How to set up multiple loops in Ableton Live’s Arrangement View

Natively you are only able to set up only one loop region in Ableton Live’s Arrangement View. For people using Arrangement View for live performances that means you would need to set up loops and activate on the gig.

I have created two devices which are solving this issue and let you set up multiple loop regions in Arrangement View quick and easy.

Arrangement Loop Control

This Max for Live device lets you set up multiple loop regions in Ableton Live’s Arrangement quick and easy. You just need to add MIDI clips for each area which you want to be set to loop automatically. 

You can as well determine how many times this area should be looped before the transport keeps on playing to the next part by simply naming the MIDI clips. 

Set Up multiple Arrangement Control

Arrangement Looper V2

Now you are able to set up loops beforehand and have them activated automatic via the Arrangement Looper V2 Max for Live device. Check out this video tutorial below on how to set it up.


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