Simple Step Sequence – Max for Live device

The Simple Step Sequence device lets you step through a midi note sequence of up to 8 notes pitches (the”Long” version up to 32) triggered by one incoming midi note from one certain pre-set pitch. Just place the Simple Step Sequence device in front of an Ableton instrument e.g. a Grand Piano Sampler preset. How … Read more

Drum rack Tuner V3 – Max for Live device

The “Drumrack Tuner” lets you change the pitch of incoming MIDI notes to (edit-able) note pitches to use in conjunction with Abletons Drumrack. How to use the Drum Rack Tuner? Just place the Drumrack Tuner on a MIDI track. in front of a Drumrack instrument. Re-pitch incoming MIDI notes in Ableton Live Under each pad … Read more

Velocity Curve Editor for Ableton Live

Ableton velocity change

For Ableton Live users who are using external MIDI hardware to play sounds in Ableton Live using a Velocity Curve Editor can be crucial. Especially drummers depend on getting a good translation of their playing velocity. For drummers volume and velocity is a big part of their expression and of their style. In the electronic … Read more

Alesis Strike Multipad Review

alesis multipad in store

Alesis Strike Multipad Review DISCLAIMER: this review is not ment to be a full check on all the functions of the Alesis Strike Multipad. This review is mainly paying attention on it as a MIDI controller with Ableton Live. It compares it with similar products on the market like the SPD-SX from Roland. Get advanced … Read more

building wireless midi drum

How to build a wireless Midi drum trigger? I was always fascinated by the idea to be able to run around on stage playing drums when I perform. For my band Ego vs Emo where we do a mix of electronic dance music with Ableton Live + sax + drums, I ‘m always thinking about … Read more