Hybrid Drum Sounds

Here you will find some (free) drum samples I put together. You can use those hybrid drum sounds and load them on drum sampling pads like the Roland SPD-SX, the Millenium NonaPad or others. Of course you can load the drum sounds directly into Ableton Live.

For the Nonapad, the Avatar PD705 you will find a file you can import directly via a USB stick and the sounds are already organised in kits per song. Same goes for Ableton Live: The sounds are already organised in Ableton Drum Racks.

They are designed for the songs:

  • Happy by Pharrell (Clap x 2, Conga x 2)
  • 24K Magic by Bruno Mars (Clap, HH, Snare)
  • I can’t stop that feeling by Justin Timberlake (Clap x 2, Snap)

but will work great with other songs as well. 

Download hybrid drums sounds for SPD-SX, NanoPad and Ableton Live.

Expand Your Sonic Palette with hybrid sounds

Hybrid drum sounds combine acoustic and electronic drums. Create them with electronic drum pads, triggers, or software. Live drummers love hybrid drum sounds because they expand their sonic palette and create unique and interesting sounds.

Ableton Live is a DAW that’s perfect for hybrid drummers. It has many features that make it easy to create, record, and perform layered electronic drum sounds.

Set Up Your Hybrid Drum Kit

Connect your electronic drum pads to Ableton Live. Most electronic drum pads have a USB MIDI connection. Create a MIDI track in Ableton Live and assign the electronic drum pads MIDI to the MIDI track to trigger an Ableton Drum Rack.

If you’re using triggers, connect them to your trigger to MIDI interface. You can as well connect triggers to your external sound card using my AUDIO TRIGGER TO MIDI Max for Live plug-in.

Tips for Using Ableton Live with Hybrid Drum Samples

You can use Ableton Live’s effects to enhance your drum samples. Use Ableton Live’s MIDI clips to trigger other sounds. Record your hybrid drum performances in Ableton Live to edit and overdub them later. You can as well set up automations to change your layered drum sounds.


Hybrid drum sounds expand your sonic palette and create unique and interesting sounds. It is crucial to be able to (re-) create the drum sound aesthetic of modern music as a professional drummer. You can find out more about Ableton Live for hybrid drumming in my online courses.

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