Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live

If you’re a percussionist or a producer who loves experimenting with sounds, then you may have heard of Sensory Percussion. This innovative technology allows you to control sounds in Ableton Live using a drum kit. If you want to get an idea here is a short jam demonstrating Sensory Percussion.

What is Sensory Percussion?

Sunhouse developed Sensory Percussion. It is a new technology that uses sensors to track your drumming and can convert it into MIDI signals. With Sensory Percussion, you can control different sounds and effects in Ableton Live using your drum kit.

How Does SP Work?

Sensory Percussion uses a combination of sensors, software, and machine learning to track your drumming and convert it into MIDI signals. The sensors are attached to your drum kit and they detect the position and velocity of your drum hits. SP is a software with presets and samples but Sensory Percussion you can use it with Ableton Live as well. MIDI messages can be send to Ableton Live via virtual MIDI routing. Version 1 included a VST plugin which made communication between the two softwares easy.

Review on SP Version 1

If you are new to SP please have a look on my review I made in 2017.

SP Version 2

SP was updated and released in early 2023. The sensors and the software have been re-designed. Sunhouse teamed up with the drum head company Evans and is now selling the software, the sensors and an audio interface as a bundle. The Audio interface is called “EVANS Sensory Percussion Portal Audio Interface” and is especially designed for the SP sensors.

How to use Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live

I released an online course for using SP standalone and with Ableton Live a few years back. This course was dedicated to Version 1 and due to some updates on V1 plus the new V2 on the SP software the course is now outdated.

Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live

If you want to learn how to use Sensory Percussion with Ableton Live or if you already use the two together but you have some specific questions: you can book me for online session.

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