“Cymbal Choke” with E-Drums and Ableton Live

Mute electronic cymbals with Roland e drum

Cymbal Choke with electronic drums has become a common standard for current electronic drum kits on the market. Drum sample apps, plug-ins and VST are supporting this feature as well. Ableton Live support Cymbal Choke from Version 11. How to set up a cymbal choke for e-drums with Ableton Live Unfortunately to make this all … Read more

Nord Drum 3P EDITOR for Ableton Live (Max for Live)

3P sound edit

Updated to Version 2! History of the Nord Drum 3P Editor for Ableton Live I released an editor for the Nord Drum 3P back in late 2017 as one of my first Max for Live devices. As this was one of my first devices I obviously didn’t make everything as nice and clean and didn’t … Read more

Ableton Live TEMPO FOLLOW Guide (PDF)

How to change tempo dynamically in Ableton Live

How to use and set up Ableton Live’s FOLLOW TEMPO feature Ableton Live 11 came with some exciting features. One feature has some potential to change the click-track paradigm – the TEMPO FOLLOW for Ableton Live will change the BPM of Ableton Live to your / your drummers live-tempo. After doing some in depth testing … Read more


free max for live devices

Max for Live Christmax 2020 Calender With over 5000 downloads the christMAX calendar was quite a success. All devices are available for a small fee each here or you can get all 24 devices together as a bundled download by joining my PATREON page (from 5USD/month). All patrons will receive a freebie every month as … Read more

Melody Trigger – Max for Live device for Ableton Live

How to trigger melodies step by step in Ableton Live

Drummers using Ableton Live have the urge to be able to do more then ‘only’ triggering drum sounds. If you have a an electronic kit, an eDrum pad or if you play acoustic drums with triggers: playing melodies, chords or chopped up audio sequences has become really easy to set up via my Melody Trigger … Read more