Course on SPD ONE WAV PAD Editor

When I was doing a review about the Roland SPD One Wav Pad, I was struggling a little on how I should explain the editor. Roland decided to go with a text editor for this model, which is the only way to load and assign samples to the different slots on the SPD One Wav. … Read more

1-2-1 Online sessions

How to book online ableton lessons.

I teach Ableton online lessons via ZOOM Meetings. On request (part of) sessions can be recorded and downloaded afterwards. Approach for teaching Ableton Live online I help people to find solutions and develop approaches which fit to their needs. Proposing technical solutions is easy! The challenging part for creative people is often to create a … Read more

Velocity to Midi CC in Ableton Live – Overview and Max for Live device

Max for Live device for Note to MIDI control change

How to use your MIDI velocity to control parameters in Ableton Live Once a fellow ‘AbletonDrummer’ asked me if it would be possible to control delay, reverb and send knobs in Ableton Live¬†with your drumming. Of course you can always midi map a midi drum/pad to a parameter in Ableton Live, but this would only … Read more

Andy Gangadeen Ableton Masterclass Video

Video tutorial from Andy Gangadeen Ableton Live.

Watch a masterclass video with Andy Gangadeen on Ableton Live. Andy is a UK based drummer combining acoustics and electronics drums for quite a while. I saw Andy playing live in Bristol (UK) here he was playing with his 100% impro band THE BAYS. One time they were even ‘improvising’ with a full orchestra. In … Read more

Ableton Live Lectures / Workshops / Guest-talks

Ableton Live guest talks and presentations

I have done several guest lectures and workshops on Ableton Live for universities, schools, colleges, community meetings. Presentations highlights include institutions like Berklee College of Music Valencia, California Institute of the Arts and the University of Cape Town. Elevate Your Music Production Curriculum with Ableton Live’s Live Performance Features Live performance is an essential aspect … Read more