Volca Drum Editor for Ableton Live / Max for Live

Korg Volca Drum MIDI control

The Volca Drum Editor is a Max for Live device which lets you edit, control, save and recall every parameter from the Korg Volca Drum digital percussion synthesizer within Ableton Live. This could become handy for storing and recalling presets, automate sound changes while playing and accessing parameters in a more structured and better overview. … Read more

Soundbrenner with Ableton Live via Ableton LINK

Link Soundbrenner Pulse with Ableton Live

Here is a little guide on how you can connect the Soundbrenner Pulse, Core and Core Steel with Ableton Live. Some personal words first I was always interested in the Soundbrenner devices and when they announced that they were working on a new and more advanced version I became a supporter of their crowd-funding campaign … Read more

Using the Roland TM-6 Pro with Ableton Live

Setting up TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live

The Roland TM-6 pro is a great piece of hardware to use in combination with Ableton Live. Of course its main purpose is for triggering drum sounds from your hybrid drum set-up. But as well as using it for this purpose it lets you use it as an external sound card for your computer running … Read more

Roland TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live

Select kits on TM-6 PRO from within Ableton Live

The “Kit Selector” Max for Live device lets you change kit-presets of your Roland TM-6 PRO with Ableton Live. You can automate changes via MIDI clips, use e-drum pads via MIDI MAP. The Max for Live device monitors the kit selection. Download the device HERE! Set Up the TM-6 Pro with Ableton Live You first … Read more